Project Objective & Vision

Inheritance of Legacy

The next step of evolution for galleries & NFTs.

A picture paints a thousand words, and UNIQ META world gallery tells a thousand stories.

Experience the life of historical icons (such as Tun Dr. Mahathir, and more) firsthand at the Virtual Gallery. Watch the inspiring life stories unfold before your eyes.

With the upcoming Negarawan, celebrities and Malaysian icons, A historical future is within our fingertips.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Buckle up, the future is about to unfold.

Our Mission

UNIQ META World Gallery
  • To create and implement the metaverse world gallery by stages, proudly presenting with the starting chater of "Legacy of Tun Dr. Mahathir" Gallery.
  • To exhibit the historical moments that define Tun Dr Mahathir, our father of modernization for Malaysia, and his love story with Tun Siti Hasmah, a perfect model of relationship-goal.
  • To feature the upcoming Negarawan, celebrities, icons , and local artists into the "Hall of Fame Gallery" of UNIQ META World Gallery.
  • To establish an immersive "Time Tunnel" metaverse gallery, a guided and curated voyage through time, thoroughly exploring the life and legacies of historical figures.
  • To establish an educational platform for all generations to embrace and immerse themselves in history.


  • To launch collectible NFTs depicting the "Legacy of Tun M" and Tun Siti in various series.
  • To launch collectible NFTs for the upcoming celebrities and Negarawan.
  • To create series of art NFTs collaborative with talented local artists.
  • To establish a multinational community, unleashing the potentials of NFTs and beyond!

Our Vision

In order to move forward, we must remember what came before. We believe the past must be preserved, and some of the historical moments are deserved to be memorized beyond generations, through an immersive, interactive and educative platform.


Experiential learning shows us that learning by doing is most effective. The Metaverse will give us the deepest immersion possible: being there yourself, experiencing it yourself. This would be the best learning gift to the future generations.

We are creating a cross-border, cross-cultural and cross-generational platform that made available to all without geographical limitation, constraints of different time zones or different languages. A bridge for intercultural exchange, an instantaneous accessible communication platform, and a best gateway for the future generations to embrace the history.

Project Milestones

- ProjectLaunching
- NFTLaunching
- Implementation of online UNIQ META World Gallery & NFT platform
- Implementation of more User Interactive Features.
- Implementation of UNIQE META "Hall of Fame" Gallery to house more Negarawan, celebrities & icons.
- Implementation of UNIQ META "Time Tunnel Metaverse" featuring interactive 3D scenes of key historical moments.
- Implementation of “Time Tunnel of Legacy of Tun M” featuring interactive 3D scenes of key historical moments.
- Implementation of Plug-in API allow link access from other online / metaverse platform.
2026 & beyond
- Implementation of more interactive features such as DeFi, Social-Fi, DAO, etc.

Core Team members

Chew Vin Yau (Martin)

Project Chairman

Founder of Eco Agro Ventures Sdn Bhd, one of the 26 leading companies under Ministry of Agriculture & Food Industry (MAFI) of Program Smart Large Skill Paddy Farming. Experienced corporate strategies with high performing team through implementation of organizational innovation for multiple companies operating in the agricultural field, has been collaborating partner with ScienceTech Agro Lab. Set marketing goals positioning, plan, implement and manage marketing strategies, tactical planning, forecasting, capital budgeting, financial cost control and contribute to the overall development of the company. Among other things, lead the development and use best-practices policies and tools that ensure a well- controlled yet flexible organization with strong management, cross team communication, workflow and project management ensuring related matters are executed according to plan.

Bowie Tan

Project Director, Investment & IT Specialist

Founder of Pentagon Group, having more than 10 years of investment experience primarily focusing on real estate segment, with the combined value of more than RM300 Million of total investment portfolio. Have been constantly sourcing and structuring exceptional investment deals with Win-Win concept and actively exploring the derivative structured investment model with implementation of latest thriving technologies for value creation on achieving a healthy, sustainable and comprehensive investment eco-system. The last position held in 13 years of IT life was being Country Head of a MNC company (FinIQ Consulting Pte Ltd) and responsible for regional business management and solution implementation for more than 15 major banks in the region (including Standard Chartered Bank International, Bank of East Asia HK, DBS, OCBC, UOB, Maybank, CIMB, RHB, Ambank, etc).

Low Wei Chung

Project Advisor, Head of Ecosystem Development, Huawei Cloud Malaysia

Wei Chung is currently the Head of Ecosystem Development of Huawei Cloud Malaysia, a strategic role that spearhead the partnerships with technology companies at levels, enable the cloud ecosystem, and integrates various product offerings and work with various partners to promote the cloud adoption. Wei Chung has more than 10 years of experience in the industry, and are one of the few early adopters and innovators in Cloud industry who has created impact in the market. He is also among the pioneer who had actively working with the ISVs in developing IoT and AI solutions for various industries. Wei Chung is a strong believer in cloud and 5G are the keys for digital transformation, he is passionate in advancing the art & science of managing business ecosystem, and enjoy working with partners and customers from all fronts to realize the goals of cloudification